I’ve a got a severe sweating problem. No joke. I sweat from every orifice of my body except my knees and elbows, solely due to our skin being so thick in those areas. Otherwise I’d be sweating from there as well.

Unlike or like, however you decide to view it, my issue has actually been going on for years and is triggered more so by anxiety, than by anything else. I rarely had attacks, and am very good at pretending to be calm in uncomfortable situations, but my internal self knows exactly how I’m feeling. In turn my body begins to overheat and sweat. But as I use my deodorant in other areas besides my pits, I’ve been saved the embarrassment of white marks on my clothes. Which is very important when you work in fashion as every inch of you is criticized from the moment you step into the room.

That’s why I’m huge believer in Secret Clear Gel. This deodorant offers 48 hour protection, glides on clear, and keeps you odor free, so you never have to deal with those white marks allowing you to pageant wave with pride and stand in warrior 1 with a clear mind. At the end of the day, your navy blue bondage dress should be showcasing your curves, not your secret.