Intimacy on Madison Avenue

Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean you get let your girls hang low. Listen, I know you want them to be out and about breathing like the rest of your skin the beach, but if you’re serving up a bikini special and your straps are at high tide and your breasts are at low, we have a problem. There’s no reason they should be up high with the rest of your top. So this Summer Styles, we talk BRAS!

Call me crazy, but I actually like wearing a bra. From nearly 10 years of my life, I wore a bra to sleep, and when I stopped, I just felt unprotected. Seriously. When you wear a bra that fits your posture changes, your breasts are at the proper placement, your clothes fit differently (a lot of times better), and larger breasts don’t feel as heavy due to the even weight distribution. Which, by the way, is something you should be told during a bra fitting.

Earlier this summer I checked out Intimacy on Madison Ave to see if all fit specialists are created equal. First of all, they aren’t. My specialist Jolene Spellman didn’t even measure me. She looked at my chest and said, “I’ll be right back.” A few moments later she came in with a stack of bras for me to try on for style. I was a little shocked there was no tape involved and was certain none of them would fit – but they did. Every single bra she came in with fit like a glove. The bridge of the bra laid flat against my breast bone. There was no weight on my shoulders. For all these years I’d been carrying baby watermelons in an unsupported burlap sack!

Tips from Jolene Spellman

  1. Bras are best handwashed in cold water or in a laundry bag (ONLY for those who really can’t be bothered). Woolite and detergent are very bad for the elasticity of your bands.
  2. You should have a minimum of 7 bras in your wardrobe as you don’t want to wear them more than twice in a row.
  3. Alterations of bras are possible. Intimacy does them at no extra charge when done in the first 6 months of purchase. After that, there’s a minimal charge.
  4. Quality of bras are easily disguised. Your stylist should be able to point out key stats, but make sure to checkout the seam stitching and the under wire strength. Intimacy bras are  quality tested in Belgium to extreme degrees.