With everyone being so busy to even respond to text messages, planning when to get together tends to be as time consuming as sitting through a meeting to take notes on something that’s not relevant to you. But when it does finally come to fruition, you spend more time obsessing over what to do, and worst of all, what to wear. So today, we’re going to give you our 6 dress options (and ideas) for girl’s night out.

  1. Museum Day

Nothing is more intellectually enriching and entertaining than a day at the museum. With all these special exhibits around the world occurring – Bulgari in Houston, Charles James at the Met, Downtown Abbey at the Biltmore – it’s an easy way to fill up your weekend calendar with temporary, once in lifetime experiences. Plus, we know that Ramy Brook Paris dress has been begging for a day out.

  1. Casino

I’m not a big gambler. Not that I’m against, as I’m totally not. It’s just I know myself so well, that I’d probably wind up being dragged out of the hotel kicking and screaming for scalping my Choos for a few coins. BUT, as casino night has become more a seen and be seen sort of out, with luxury written all over it, I think it would be a great activity to wine, dine, and throw some money to the wind. Who knows, that floor length, golden rod number from the DKNY Ramadan collection could get you lucky.

  1. Potluck Game Night

We actually did this college. As my friends showed off their cooking skills by making some elaborate family secret recipe, I always bought some elaborate decadent dessert. Back then, we’d stay up all night playing board games where all little pieces were sealed in Ziploc baggies for safekeeping. Things are more advance and tech driven now, so a lot of really interactive activities are transferred to the web. Bingo games online are becoming particularly popular,giving a modern twist on the traditional game. There are plenty of sites out there such as Winner Bingo, BGO and 888Ladies, many of which have chatrooms so you can still incorporate the social element into your game. Getting your friends round for a games night means you can show off that Cynthia Rowley Mock Tunic as you humdinger your teams way to another Cranium win, or hide that competitive side with online games.

  1. Day Tripping

From 9AM to 9PM your friends can find another city nearby just to get away from it all. Get way from the family, work, the noise, the pollution, everything. It doesn’t matter what you do, or how long between that allotted 12 hour span you are away from “life”, the point is to just get away. Being away from your everyday allows you to see things differently without the bias of personal comfort around. Especially when you’re surrounded by your best gal pals and wearing BCBG Mylene Handkerchief-hem dress.

  1. Festivals

There are always festivals going on. In the next month, I can think of 4 food related festivals going on in Manhattan, alone. Imagine what else is going on around the world. And the best part about festivals is that there’s something for everyone – dancing, eating, instructional classes, celeb sightings, shopping, arts, and entertainment. You name it, it’s there. So show off that Calypso St. Barth Doyah Elephant Ikat Printed dress, as you scour for vintage accessories to add to your collection.

  1. Working Out

Don’t judge. People actually do this. I do it. It’s actually really fun. You meet up a bit before the class and give the mandatory hugs. You sweat till your heart can’t take anymore, or your class is over. Then you lounge about on the comfy couches at Peloton catching up with the instructors and friends, or regroup at a nearby park after 45 minutes in water at Aqua Studio. The trend is growing more and more. Don’t be surprised to see more Lolë Heidi Tunic styles popping up in active wear collections.