DELSEYDELSEY_PINTEREST_Posts2_Blue, iconic French luggage brand have been quite busy getting us the 411 on today’s traveler. As a team that’s constantly on the go domestically and internationally, we’re always looking for the best, of the best, for our lifestyle. That’s when we found out that 45% of us are using pieces we’ve have since before the first iPhone came out, it was time to rethink things. And to be honest, I fall into that category as I still own my hardcase Samsonite I’ve had since I was 13. You know, before the lightweight technology came to surface, allowing us to travel with 48lbs including the suitcase, rather than 37 – 45lbs, not including the case. Before the craftsmanship was state of the art, making luggage explosions an anomaly rather than an embarrassing moment where you’re scooping undergarments off the airport floor – the same place you left your dignity. You know before, the only “fashion forward” colors available were red, mustard yellow and navy blue.

Now DELSEY has reinvented all of that and they want to give you an opportunity to experience it firsthand. To promote their e-commerce site, that launch barely two weeks ago, DELSEY will be giving away $350 in airline credit and piece of DELSEY luggage to six lucky ducks. All you have to do, is do what you do on the daily, PINTEREST. Create a board named “Delsey Travel Wish” and fill it with places you want to travel as well as your favorite piece of luggage from Since the contest runs from Nov. 19-Dec. 31, 2013, one winner (it could be you!) will be chosen each week – for a total of 6 lucky ladies or gents. Can’t think of a better way to start the 2014!

1-fortyfive-percent“Luggage is no different than other popular consumer products. We are constantly developing new technologies, adding innovations and introducing new styles,” said DELSEY U.S. Director of Marketing Coralie Lindvay. “It’s all in the details—travelers with outdated luggage don’t know what they are missing.”

For more information and to participate, visit If you can’t wait to see if you win, and want a head start in updating your travel wardrobe, visit DELSEY online.