During my trip this summer, I wanted to experience both traditional, innovative, and luxury avenues of each city, specifically with food. As a meat eater, I consider myself able to enjoy more delicacies than those who are not. But as a meat eater, I also find myself straying away from the vegetarian food scene more often than I care to admit. It may be due to my own biases of what a vegetarian truly means, or it could be that a certain aspect of me never really cared to delve into the world of the no meat zone. Either way, I’m excited to write our first ever VEGETARIAN Restaurant Hotspot.IMGP1004

Located on Himmelpfortgasse 23, which roughly translates to “Heaven’s Gate Alley”, you’ll findTian (which happens to mean “heaven” in Chinese.) A fine dining restaurant that’s sort of broken the ideology of fine dining. With a no dress code policy, patrons enjoy farm to table vegetarian dishes, served in a classically decorated atmosphere. Sprayed with grayish browns, whites and khaki, Tian’s décor is brought to life with their pops of purples and greens. With the dining area lit with natural sunlight from the walls of windows, it provides an organic, minimalistic, and socially responsible sense of living, scarce stateside. MEAL-II

Since it’s opening two years ago, this culture has been at the forefront for owner Christian Halper, whose garden many of the vegetables come from. A menu using no tofu, whatsoever, he challenges his chefs to create healthy, delicious options, presented in an even more creative fashion. Like their Tomato Tea with Raspberries, that’s brewed the way the Japanese siphon coffee. Or Venere Risotto with Piedmont Hazelnut. Or, by far, the most unique presentation of dessert I’ve ever seen, their Milk Way – which by the name describes the look of what you’ll be ingesting.

The establishment is cool, hip, and welcoming to all ages but follow the circular stairs downstairs, and you’ll enter a realm of wine galore. A full service wine bar, and baby of Alexander Adlgasser –  who’s history includes acting as Wine Director of Jean-Georges’s first restaurant in New York, to serving the likes of Former President Bill Clinton, to being coinedAlexander the Grape – offers some of the most sought after vintages from around the globe. And though polar opposites in color style spectrum and vibe, these two worlds mesh seamlessly, creating Tian.


Situated in the city center, close to the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tian gives new meaning to vegetarian living. From cultivating produce utilizing eco-friendly methods, to housing a warm and friendly staff, to garnering a following of meat and non-meat lovers alike, Tian has surpassed the duties of a well-crafted restaurant.

Now…. If we could only get them to open a location in New York.


All photos except slide photo taken with Ricoh’s PENTAX K-50.