In the deep alcoves of an 800 year cellar of one of the oldest standing buildings of Vienna, lies a luxurious, authentic, Asian boutique spa. Founded by partners Andreas and Tong, these two wanted to bring Tong’s Thai wellness experience to Vienna. Having seen multiple retreats popping promoting Eastern practices, to only create makeshift alternatives, they decided to capitalize on this niche market. By importing authentic, Thai artifacts, staffing traditionally trained spa therapists, and creating a luxurious star of the art environment, Aisawan Boutique Spa is our Beauty Hotspot in Vienna.IMGP0944

A go to spot for both locals and tourists, Aisawan, underground residence provides for the ultimate quite haven. Each room is facilitates single or couple treatments perfect for honeymooners, mother-daughter pamper sessions, or for the busy individual looking to escape the chaos of life. Unscented candles set the mood, as your senses are aroused by the natural fragrances and visual aesthetic of the treatment.

Each treatment begins with a foot bath of salts and essential oils to cleanse the feet before the treatment, ensuring that all the person is properly treated. From there, guests enjoy a special tea. I’m not sure what it consists of, but it’s the most delicious tea you’ll ever drink. Lightly sweetened and slight corny accent, this tea is prima for all hours of the day.


During this visit, I opted for a peel and wrap combo where I cleansed and steamed myself, before moving to a large slab of cool marble lined with a thin wrap. From there, my body was in the hands of Tong, who sloughed away all remnants of dead cells and toxins through regionally pressurized, circular motions, quickly lulling you to sleep.

And if that wasn’t enough, after being slathered with the most intoxication body lotion, you’re requested to further relax in their lounge area. With tea and mini Sugar Palm-like cakes topped with pink coconut shavings, you’ll gaze into the eyes of Buddha as the fountain’s sound soothes you. Management prefers guests stay a half to an hour after treatments to relax, but are understanding of clientele pressed for time.


Located in Vienna’s beautiful city center, minutes away from the gothic, ornate St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and some of the best shop’s they have to offer, Aisawan Boutique Spa is the ultimate shell of beauty, relaxation and luxury.

For more information about Aisawan Boutique Spa pertaining to services or booking an appointment, please visit them online.

All photos taken with Ricoh’s PENTAX K-50.