JE_MANGO_V2 What, what! Another Summer Styles in the house. I don’t think I posted anything last week which is like a weeks worth of summer real estate gone. But don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you.Today, we’re talking about the perfect amount of dessert. Have you ever heard those people who say, “I only need a spoonful and my cravings are curbed.” Lies, fallacies and fairytales. I don’t care how in control of your health you are, one spoon does nothing.  Now it’s that third spoon that allows you to really enjoy the decadence of whatever you’ve just had. That’s why I’m in love with Just Enough of a (Very) Good Thing.

CAM_Photography_Tops_Tiramisu Noel Labat-Comess, founder of Tom Cat Bakery and former Chef de Cuisine of  The Quilted Giraffe, sought out to create a dessert that was restaurant quality encompassing real ingredients, in single serving sizes. Ideal for an after dinner treat, JEVGT is packaged in reusable glass ramekins that showcase the different layers within. It actually reminded me of these DANONE yogurts I would eat when I studied in Angers, France. They were really rich in flavor and came in ceramic cups that could be reused afterwards. When I returned, I searched and searched for something of the same caliber, you might say, and never was able to find anything.

CAM_Photography_Tops_Key-LimeA quick note – once defrosted they can be kept for up to 21 days, so make sure to get a group of friends together and dig in! Then again, I’d hope you wouldn’t that long anyway. Currently available in a variety of flavors, my favorite, surprisingly, was Mango Passion Fruit! Try it out and let us know which ones you love the most.
“I wanted to make a dessert for adults that does not compromise on the quality of ingredients or taste, and that can be enjoyed in moderation. This is not a bottomless pint of ice cream; it’s just enough of a very good thing,” said Mr. Labat-Comess.CAM_Photography_Tops_Choc