Neely’s Barbecue Parlor

473_Neelys-BBQ-Parlor-001-960x440 Let me give you a bit of restaurant history because I’m here to discuss food. Delicious, southern, barbecue and all their delicious, southern, trimmings.  Neely’s Barbecue Parlour is the brain child of Food Network stars Patrick and Gina Neely. By bringing their family establishment from the depths of Tennessee to the overpopulated fusion-style arena of the Big Apple, it’s added a necessary authentic touch to our taste buds.

Brisket Mainly Memphis style barbecue, Neely’s incorporates all the perfect elements of comfort food. Enjoy the 12-hour slow cooked Texas style brisket that falls apart at the touch. Crevices of succulent juicy fat pockets that flavors the meat rather than drenching it in oil. Savor the barbecue based pulled pork that’s not soppy, nor vinegar-y, perfect topped with coleslaw between two yellow buns. Or dig in to those St. Louis pork ribs, done the Kansas City way – smoked then mixed with a sticky sauce. You know, those sauces that can only be cleaned by sucking them off fingers, then by washing your hands. All housed under the roof of a mock style southern mansion.

Drink-II Each room is defined and decorated to fit its name a purpose. There’s a deck, sitting room, living room (yes, if you didn’t know, a sitting room and living room are two very different spaces), and front porch. I can’t remember which room we sat in, but it was the best view of the house. The music was an added touch as guests took the time really spend time with one another. No one seemed rushed, nor were staff rushing others to leave. It was very similar to a gathering back home where a quick meal escalates to hours of laughs and memorable conversation that only takes place over food.

Food-I Speaking of food, let me tell you a little something about their food – everything is paired perfectly and is there for a reason. Their cornbread must be eaten with the butter, as should the hushpuppy and their bell pepper jam. The flavor magically changes to a medley of flavors that never over power one another. My favorite dish(es) – Jalapeno Mac, Jumbo Shrimp and Cheese Grits, and the Berry Cobbler. Honestly, I wanted to say I loved everything, because I did, but if I selected a menu for you to enjoy while there it would HAVE TO consist of the aforementioned; hands down.

Mac-N-CheeseLocated in the swanky Upper East Side, Neely’s is the perfect additive for an overrated neighborhood. Surrounded by some of New York’s most exclusive, sometimes pretentious, shopping grounds, Neely’s Barbecue Parlor is the complete opposite, demonstrating the meaning of true Southern Hospitality.