Imagine if your morning wardrobe was specially curated, every morning, just for you. No more spending time you’ll never get back complaining you have nothing to wear. No more twinset khaki uniform. No more morning sniff test to figure out if something is to “dirty” to wear…. again. No more looking to springy in fall. All of the hassles of a daily style routine can now be drastically cut-down thanks to The Reign Effect.Style-Set-options-and-sample-sets

The Reign Effect is the latest in seasonal subscriptions that offers easy to mix and match fashion based on your style type. I’m actually really horrible at explaining many processes, but here’s a simple and more thorough rundown.

  • The Reign Effect’s team of stylists create carefully curate style sets each month, selecting 7 key pieces for them to interchange over the course of 20 days with other clothing options.
  • With a variety of online stores, the company sources key pieces to create a polished outfit. They provide 20 outfits/month for Monday-Friday wear. So you can live in sweats and tee all weekend long. HAHA… just kidding. (not really.)
  • The Reign Effect also offers a customized style set option to a select few each month. The customized option takes the customers look a step further, creating a more personalized look for the customer that incorporates their taste, style, body type and preferences
  • So rather than just creating a look you may see another wearing in the office, Reign Effect mixes personal shopping with styling so the style sets are realistic, attainable and presented in an organized manner.

Officially launching TODAY, The Reign Effect offers three pricing tiers starting at $29.97 for 3 months. So stop reading and go create your new wardrobe. Your credit card deserves the much needed R&R.