According to the groundhog, we have six more weeks of winter. Though part of me is concerned with how we still use a groundhog (we know it’s not the same one!) to tell us how much more winter we have left, I feel we have no option than to make the most of it. Well, I mean, the ones who can make the most of it should. Like the lucky ducks that live near the perfect slopes of Aspen or Park City. Or those further north in Whistler. My God, what I wouldn’t do for a weekend away in Whistler. Just me, a few hot toddies, and Lolë’s new ski collection.

Let me tell you, still speaking to those who are in the region to ski or plan on skiing before winter is over, Lolë’s ski collection is all you need for those slopes. I mean you don’t even have to go skiing if you don’t want to. Just style and profile in the 4-way stretch that allows ultimate freedom of motion for high performance or posing for selfies on cables cars providing the illusion at some point you skied.

How about that 20,000 breathable waterproof membrane porous enough to let water vapors out – because you do work up a sweat from “skiing” – but so tiny that rain nor melting snow can penetrate.

Say what?! That’s right, boo! Lolë has got you covered! This gear is fully seam sealed AND built to move with a woman’s body with performance details in knees, elbows and shoulders.

Listen, I’m not hitting slopes this season ::tear falls:: but for those of you who are, make us proud and rock Lolë. If not for us, then for yourself. Plus, this line is totally Instagram ready. So it’s a win-win!