How’s that bloated belly feeling from that bottle of prosecco you engulfed tout seul, ce soir? No so great, I bet. Hey, we’re not judging you. We (you) are still celebrating the beginning of 2015 and we (you) all do really, out of this world type of things during celebrations. Now that Fashion week, Lent, Tax Season are all around the corner and they, nay, we need you in tip top form, there’s no better time than a detox than now!

LuliTonix, the raw green juice blend brand, has taken over NYC with the mission of spreading the greed goodness but maintaining their “badass” persona. And who doesn’t like a brand that does what they like, when they like, how they like, but ultimately are doing you good? I tried the 3-day cleanse, and by day 2 wished I did it for 5-days – which NEVER happens to me. I’m that person who arrives 5 minutes early to class in hopes the instructor will dismiss us 5 minutes early for good behavior.

That is why I like LuliTonix and founder Lianna Sugarman so much. When we met she was anything but scripted. I always prepare myself for the fitness buff, you are what you eat, therefore I do paleo and guzzle protein shakes ideology, but it wasn’t.  When asked if nutrition was her background, she said, “It was like a complete miracle. I was the original person who ordered in and went out to dinner Sex and the City style every single night.” What about cravings? “I was that person who really craved crap. Now, even when I stress eat, I eat all whole foods, but I don’t crave those processed foods anymore.” And when you crave things that aren’t whole foods , “ I have it.”

Boom. No bullshit. Just pure, wholesome honesty. Which is in part why LuliTonix is the success that it is.  Blending the most wholesome ingredients together to create concoctions that are not only filling, but delicious. My favorite was “Chill”. It’s com kale, cilantro, romaine/leaf lettuce, pineapple, mango, figs, mint, lemon, water. It’s not chalky, or lumpy but surprisingly smooth. Drink it as meal, or snack, or cleanse, or however you like to… we’re not the boss of you.

For more information on LuliTonix including where to buy, visit them en ligne!