I’m a Toe Talker! No, not like a horse whisperer. I’m a Toe Talk Ambassodor. Which means periodically I’ll be doing posts about their new launches, getting the word out about their charitable missions, plus doing really great giveaways (like one to Turks and Caicos) for 2015.

Jan Beresford whose personal quest of motivation and mindfulness led to the creation of Toe Talk. Imagine if your toes could speak, what would they say? Mine would say, “When’s our next pedicure?” But since not all toes are on the superficial spectrum like mine, we’ll stay in the more mindful state. But truly imagine what your toes would say after a 12-hour day.  My toes would most likely say, “Just breathe.”Toe-Talk

Many may (or may not) know this, but I’m a naturally anxious person. It’s something I’ve dealt with for so long that it’s a part of me. Not by choice, I should add, but just by. Over the years I’ve discovered and incorporate coping mechanisms to aid in daily situations. I’ve seen doctors. I’ve been on medication. I’ve gone the homeopathic route. I’ve done nearly everything, until 2014. I started working out at this studio in the city called BFX. Each week I would meet with a personal trainer and supplement the other days with group classes. Derek, my trainer, would constantly tell me to breathe. “Breathe,” he would say like a broken record. Repeating it like I didn’t hear him the first eight times. But I was breathing…. Right? From then on, I monitored myself in all situations to see how I breathed. And this is what I came up with. I didn’t breath or my breaths were unconsciously, voluntarily restricted while talking on the phone, taking photos, while having conversations in close proximity, while eating, when nervous, and so on. It was natural state of security that was actually harming me. I slowly started adding intentional breaths to everything I did. It’s still a process, but the calm that overcomes me and the release I feel is nothing no amount of medication could ever provide.

Now we want you to start your 2015 off with a constant sense of clarity, balance, and mindfulness. Tell us what you hope to conquer or create this year for yourself and you’ll be entered to win a couple of Toe Talk socks to call your own. The grip on the bottom is perfect for yoga, Pilates, barre, or those pesky wooden floors that have you slipping and sliding everywhere. Enter by January 22, 2015! Namaste.