So there’s a new way to be Hip & Healthy this season. NERGIA is the latest and greatest of energy boosts on the market designed to give you hours of energy without the annoying aftermaths.

And to show you how this boost works differently from other commercially saturated competitors, I use that word loosly, they’ve created “The Naturals” series – a showing of everyday people doing what they love, on NERGIA. Showcasing the life and styles of people who eminent healthy living while searching for balance and happiness, they take us to a world so befitting for the New Year, through their eyes. The most recent releases demonstrate surfing, a skill that requires patience, strength, alertness and most importantly, energy. After meeting five female surfers in San Onofre, CA and seeing how they do, what they do, first hand, NERGIA gave them a boost before filming these them in action.

Made of 100% natural energy, which basically means that all the ingredients found inside NERGIA can be found in nature. Which may mean nothing to you, though it should because as we gorge our body with more processed and chemically altered items, any substance that’s supposed to give us a continual pick me up, shouldn’t be one of them. Back to the ingredients… Comprised of Guarana seeds, Açaí berries and Catuaba bark, all native plants of Brazil, provide the vigor comparable to that of coffee. Plus with no shakes, no crashing, no artificial sweeteners you can count on 3 to 4 hours of focus without sacrificing your health.