We’re always looking for the next “it” miracle product that tightens are pores, lifts our breasts, and flattens our abs. So we spend hundreds of dollars on a gimmick that works for few and fails the masses. But if we take away all the pretty packaging, sensual fragrances, and delete import extras, the only thing that really matters is the science behind it. Then again, Dr. Ruthie Harper knew that all along.

Creator of SKINSHIFT, the skin care regimen based on your DNA, Harper has understood this philosophy for decades. It’s not about what the product claims to do, it’s about your genetic strengths and weaknesses that determine how a certain items will work against your skin. For instance, if my skin is prone to inflammation, yet I suffer from wrinkles and fine lines, why would purchase something that’s a miracle worker wrinkles, but houses ingredients that irritate or dry out my skin.Print

That’s where the DNA component comes in. The results give you insight to the items you should be using, what you’re at risk for and at what levels your body is producing certain structures. And, because Dr. Harper wants you to just be aware of you, the results give you the knowledge that will all one to confidently shop for skin care – knowing what chemicals to stay away from.

So for the entire month of January, I’ve decided to try SKINSHIFT as my only skincare regimen, twice a day for 30 days. I’m scheduled for a facial this month, but as my facials are purely for extractions, it won’t interrupt the results. And I know that SKINSHIFT won’t help with the lifted boobs nor flatter abs, but your skin will thank you for feeding it what it needs. Follow me onInstagram as I’ll be posting periodic photos of my skin.