Squarebyclean1Stay Hip & Healthy with Square, the latest addition to the Clean Bottle collection designed by former Apple engineers. With the quickly growing fad of staying healthy through working out and conscious eating, new ways to ensure daily hydration has popped up on the market. The only issue is that though the designs maybe fashion forward and “cute”, some of the issues brought on with everyday water bottles still remained. Square changed took note and created something aesthetically please yet efficient.

Each bottle consists of a Double Lid™ system allowing you to properly wash and dry the bottle eliminating the onset of bacteria growth, a Quick Click™ top and bottom that opens and locks with a quarter turn (so no more accidental purse leakages) and its square profile won’t roll away yet still fits snugly into cup holders.

Just a quick heads up. The steel body container takes on the same temperature as the liquid inside. So, on those hot, muggy days fill your bottle up with crisp, cold water and use the bottle as coolant in your hand. Fill it up with hot water for your morning joe and get ready for degree burns. Take this as a warning no matter the temperature of what you put inside, it’s best to hold the containers in its “wide, ergonomic handle”. But knowing the basic laws of science, I probably shouldn’t have to tell you this anyway.

Available in stainless steel paired with sumptuous hues, you can find them in Brookstone, REI,online and at their latest partner, Nordstrom.

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