SRTW166SU-4144__76037_stdHello Plus-Size Princesses,

It’s me Tillie. The Lifestyle and Fashion Editor of your beloved StyleCartel as well as a plus-size sister. Recently, I’ve been watching the curvy ladies Instagram photos of their favorite style, outfit of the days, and brands they love. Which is interesting because stateside, it’s hard to find brands that 1) accommodate sizes above 14 and 2) if they are already do, they just enlarge the seams rather than taking into consideration the shape of a fuller figure. So, I’ve started a quest to shout out brands that understand the tailoring of proper plus sizing as well as call out those that don’t.

Now, I know there’s so much to fuller figured fashions like hosiery, shape wear, footwear, lingerie, apparel, even jewelry. That’s why I’ll be searching for everything on that list and more. My first installment starts with AX Paris. The UK based one, not AX Paris USA. The stateside department has a LOT of work to do. Honestly, it’s just depressing how limited their selection is.

Back to AX Paris UK. I received two items from them that were completely different in style, pattern and fabric. One being the Summer Floral Sleeveless Top and the other being Popcorn Cover Cardigan. I loved the sleeveless top for many reasons. Immediately I knew it could be worn at least 3 different ways – like a jacket: open atop a tank and jean/leggings, closed sans tank tucked into a belted maxi skirt with or without a blazer, as a blouse: closed with tank atop jeans. The moment you add or subtract pieces, the possibilities become endless.

Now the Popcorn Cardigan was slightly more difficult… for one reason. New York is hotter than a gym sauna, and if I am looking for a death warrant, I’ll wear a cardigan out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t, so haven’t been able to rock my styles in the city. But I did create outfits for my trip to Europe and this Fall – atop a white maxi dress belting everything including the cardigan with a thin or medium sized belt. Style it simply with a scoop, crew or turtleneck top, atop jeans. Or wear it atop a sheath dress for an office appropriate look.

I cosign AX Paris because the fit was fabulous. It was true to size. The sleeveless blouse didn’t pucker at the breast area, nor did the shoulder of the cardigan feel tight. There was a little extra breathing room, but not so much that it felt like a tent. In other words, it was perfect.

Next time we’ll be talk about shapwear, but if you have any questions in the interim, feel free to give me a shout.

xo – Tillie