There’s a growing epidemic of people changing parts of their life ensuring longer and healthier lives. People will carry reusable bottles with them to refill on the go, packaging lunches so they know what’s inside their meals, and using their lunch breaks to walk around. Which bring me to my point. Most people live sedentary lifestyles and with more and more of the population starting to work from home, the number continues to grow. Being one who fits into this category, it was pleasure to try out the Locus Workstation from Focal Upright Furniture.

The Locus Workstation is an ergonomic standing desk that adjusts both in height and incline. Used with the Locus seat (which is sold separately), it offers the same health components of popular standing desks because you lean into the seat. Which maintains balance between your back and abdominal muscles, increases circulation, relaxes your major muscles allowing you to stay active during a time you’d typically be in active.


So here’s the breakdown of how much your inactive during the day. A typical work day, you’re in the office from 9 t0 5, if not later. Many people will spend upwards of 5  or more hours sitting down. Add in the 6 to 8 hours of sleep, 1 to 2 hours of commuting (if driving, or using public transport), and 2 hours for whatever you do when at home. That’s roughly 14 to 17 hours of no real movement.

And don’t worry about having some shabby eyesore in the middle of your room. FOCAL cares about style as much as the next fashion lover. Tabletops come in 3 real wood options, offer variable colors for your seat, all in sleek design that turn heads every time.

For more information about the Locust Workstation or FOCAL Upright Furniture, visit themonline.