Five Four and Marvel Entertainment launch a limited edition capsule collection for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Drawing inspiration from one of Marvel’s most loved comics and soon to be released summer blockbuster,  Avengers: Age of Ultron, each item focuses on characteristic subtleties allowing the line to be worn on the daily, rather than as costume. There are reversible shirts perfect for days when you forgot to do laundry. Hidden pocket detailing  and ideal place to stash extra cash for evenings when you lose your wallet from one too many drinks. And my favorite, an Avengers emblem on select pieces, so when people want try to get smart, they see it and know what’s up.

“Our designers really dug through the Marvel archives to find new ways to recreate the heritage and evolution behind the brand and its Super Heroes,” says Andres Izquieta, co-founder and CEO of Five Four.

This limited edition collection consists of outerwear lightweight enough for Spring/Summer, dress shirts to take you from 10AM meetings to 6PM happy hour, graphic tees because you can’t have comics with no tees, and select accessories. There’s one catch though. The only way to even get your hands on these items is through a NEW Five Four subscription. OR by being an existing, active subscriber and purchasing the items outright. Everyone else who wants a piece of Thor and his buddies (sorry, I wish I knew more of their names. I was an Archie & Jughead, Betty & Veronica girl), but doesn’t want to do the subscription. Well, your love for Marvel isn’t that serious and you deserve to miss out.

Monthly memberships retail for $60 and come with full ensembles based on a member’s style preference. For more information on Five Four Club, visit them online.