Moleskine, the manufacturer of all things great in the spectrum of notebooks and planners, released their Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Limited Edition Collection. The literary classic by Lewis Carroll where Alice goes on a journey fueled by her curiosity, Moleskine now wants you to discover your own Alice and Wonderland in these notebooks. As you jot down reminders, to-do lists, and notes during those long, monotonous meetings, create a story through images (even if just stick figures and abstract beings) through your curiosity. What would you come up with?

For me, this sounds horrible, when we sit through pitches and webinars my mind wanders deeper than the closets of Narnia. There are moments when I picture with every step taken the good produce flowers in bloom, while the evil kill the ground beneath them. Or a race of people made up of  Barbie arms and legs, but the remaining body was completely human? Oh how the mind wanders when so lax.

Anyway, Dutch director Rogier Wieland shared his vision using optical illusions, 2D, stop motion animation, and a live rabbit inviting the audience to see a world where the real and the surreal become one. This limited edition collection pays homage to Carroll’s masterpiece. By working closely with The British Library, Moleskine has reproduced original illustrations by John Tenniel on notebook covers, while a page of Carroll’s own handwritten manuscript has been replicated on the flyleaves.

Available in hardcover, notebooks featuring four (4) varying covers and colorways house ruled or plain paper, limited edition Playing Card stickers, and in sizes pocket or large. A fifth design (with only 5,000 copies to be released) feature cloth bound covers exclusively sold on Moleskine e-commerce sites and brick and mortars worldwide.

For more information, or to get your furry little paws on the entire collection, visit Moleskine online to browse or for their nearest store location.