There’s something wrong with the way we sleep. We just don’t sleep or create a sleeping environment like we should. As I type this it’s 2:17AM and I’m sitting in bed surrounded by old magazines I swear I’ll read soon, look books from press days, a water bottle and an empty popsicle wrapper all neatly cluttered on the wall side of my bed. My sleeping area is the non-wall side that has been carved out from years of long, sleepless nights. I don’t need to be told that all my excess of work shouldn’t be anywhere near my sleeping area, but it’s this cycle that I, like millions of others in the world, have grown accustomed to.

Recently we chatted with Founder and CEO of Parachute, Ariel Kaye on what today’s world just can’t seem to get right in bed. Before we get into the interview let’s tell you a wee (wee) bit about Parachute. Parachute is the simplest form of luxury sleeping possible. Woven from the finest Egyptian cotton in Tuscany, Italy, each set is dyed naturally in a process that surpasses the highest safety and environmental protection standards. (How many eco-friendly brands can TRULY say that?) They also eliminated the extras that cause product cost inflation like distribution, licensing fees, etc by taking it from design to factory to you. Easy, aye? Exactly. Now to our interview.

What are some easy ways for someone to get the most out of their bed?
When you spending 1/3 of your life in bed, your sleep experience matters. Parachute was imagined to offer premium quality bedding at an accessible price. Below are some bedding tips based on Parachute’s line of simple, high-quality bedding:

  • Thread Count Doesn’t Matter, the quality and type of material in your bedding is much more important. Parachute is focused on the caliber of the thread & the quality of the cotton, not the number of threads, and manufactures all of their products using the highest quality Egyptian cotton available.
  • Studies say that keeping your room between 60-75°F is ideal for helping your body fall into deep, REM-cycle sleep. Parachute offers a down duvet that is crafted from premium European white down with 750 Fill Power and a 100% cotton shell. It’s super lightweight, lofty and long lasting, which allows for air to circulate, without sacrificing coziness.

Can you share some tips for getting a proper night’s rest?

  • Use a sleeptracker to get a better night’s sleep – Sleeptrackers use motion to measure sleep and by cross-referencing your sleep data with other factors like your diet, exercise patterns or alcohol and caffeine consumption, you can notice patterns and optimize how you sleep.
  • Physical Clutter Interferes with Sleep – Tech devices, business documents and stimulating colors and artwork all get your mind going, rather than helping you calm down. Turn off tech devices, remove business documents from your bedroom and choose art with soothing soft colors and peaceful scenes.
  • Herbs Will Help You Fall Asleep – Lavender, chamomile, passionflower and lemon balm are all herbs that have properties that reduce anxiety and promote clam and relaxation. Try them in a tea or a scented candle in your bedroom.
  • Breathe Yourself to Sleep – Breathing patterns can help calm the nervous system and ease you to sleep, such as the 4-7-8 method; inhale through your nose for 4 counts, hold your breathe for 7 counts, and take 8 full counts to breathe out through your mouth. Repeating this method will help you fall asleep quickly.

People overdo bedding today, sometimes you even see more throws and pillows than the actual bed! How do you feel about this look? Do you think this trend is on its way out?
I believe you should keep it simple & forego a top sheet: 40% of Americans don’t use a top sheet, and most European manufacturers don’t even sell top sheets. So why pay for something you probably don’t even use? Parachute has made top sheets optional with The Venice, their bedding set with 2 pillowcases, a fitted sheet and a duvet cover, with top sheets sold separately.

Can you explain a little more about Parachute’s use of natural dyes? 
Bleaches & dyes not only affect the environment, but also your health, to combat irritation from unnatural dyes and bleaches, be sure your cotton bedding is naturally dyed and combed with precision to remove impurities. This is why Parachute is Oeko-Tex Certified meaning our manufacturing process surpasses the highest standards in quality and environmental protection.

Tell us what we need on a bed for a good night sleep and why nothing more or less?
Parachute was imagined as a way to deliver premium quality bedding at an accessible price. To put an end to confusing marketing gimmicks like thread count, and to create new options – such as bundles without a top sheet – that have never previously existed. Parachute products are the perfect building blocks for creating a cozy sleep sanctuary, guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed each and every morning. Nothing more, nothing less.