“Reem Acra’s intricate bead work and sexy silhouettes are true works of art. Rather than accessorizing with jewelry, she wanted all attention centered around the hair – creating an unexpected piece of bridal ‘jewelry.’ With that, I was able to push my own limits and dream up an avant-garde bridal style. Using long extensions, I crafted a strong structured braid and romanticized it with diamond and pearl accessories of Ms. Acra’s creation.”
–  Lead Stylist, Joseph DiMaggio, Master Session Ambassador for Davines
Products needed:
Davines Essential VOLU Mist
Elastic hair cord
Davines More Inside This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse
Bobby pins
Davines More Inside This Is A Strong Hair Spray
Hair jewelry – pearl wraps, pearls, diamonds, iron-on stars, or others of your choosing1065_default_l_z
Step-by-Step instructions:
  1. Prep hair by spraying a generous amount of Davines Essential VOLU Mist at the root. Follow up by brushing Davines More Inside This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse from root to tip to keep it smooth and in place.
  2. Section hair evenly from ear to ear, creating front and back sections.
  3. Sweep hair back in the back section into a ponytail at the occipital bone, secure with an elastic cord. Create a strong center part in the front section and allow to hang loose temporarily.
  4. Apply More Inside This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse throughout three wefts of extensions. Brush through the length before creating a 12” braided ponytail that falls down the entirety of the back. Attach this extension to the actual ponytail using an elastic cord.*
    • Pro Tip: If the natural hair is long, create a braid below where the ponytail is fastened at the occipital bone and fasten to the underside of the extensions using clear elastics. For short hair, wrap hair tightly around the elastic and extension.
  5. Brush the front section of the hair back towards the ponytail, smoothing as you go withDavines More Inside This Is A Medium Hair Spray. 
  6. Lace the hair from the front sections underneath the ponytail (including extensions) and continue to wrap around the base creating a thick band over where the extensions meet the base of the head and ponytail. Use pins to secure.
  7. Using a variety of diamonds, pearls and golden wraps, pin and tie throughout the length of the braided ponytail.
  8. Apply iron on stars sporadically around the head. Adhere carefully using a hot curling iron.
  9. Control whisps and secure the look by applying Davines More Inside This Is A Strong Hair Spray for all over for shine and hold.
*At-home: Following step 3, braid your own hair and tie off with an elastic at the bottom of your natural length. Continue on with steps 7, 8 and 9.
Photos courtesy of Davines North America