It’s over. My final week of CrossFit is over. Well it actually ended last week due to New York Fashion Week taking over my life. It’s only day two and I’d trade all my show tickets for one night stay in a hotel with all the fixins’. But I won’t.

Back to CrossFit. I’m one of those people who believes Rome was built in a day, and no matter how much you tell me it wasn’t, I’ll try and show you it can be. Struggling with weight my entire life. I was put on my first diet, before 5th grade. My mum used to blend onion, garlic and pepper with grape juice and have me drink it in the morning. She honestly thought it tasted delicious. In elementary school where apples are considered the devil, you know I thought it tasted like punishment and disdain. The point is, as something I’ve battled with, CrossFit was sort of a wakeup call. Not a wakeup call to be healthier, but more to not limit myself. Not make excuses. And understand that you are your worst enemy.

Michael would always tell me, “You can lift more than that.” He was right. I’ve always been strong – physically, emotionally and mentally. But many times that trifecta didn’t align when I needed it to, leaving me lagging in some arenas.  CrossFit, my classmates and Coach Michael helped me realize that. It wasn’t easy and I don’t think I would have appreciated it, if it were, but I survived. I believed in myself, and those around me did as well. There was no failing this time. The hardest part, hands down, was getting there. Once there, I only had to follow through.

And for those wondering how I fared. Well, I dropped a size and a half… which is amazing. I don’t own a scale (which may or may not change in the next few weeks or so. It’s still up for debate.), but when I tried on dresses that didn’t fit in October, I noticed how they slipped right on with no fuss.