“The world of today is all about contrasts that come together,” says John Varvatos of his Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

Let me just say. John Varvatos is a living epithet of what rock n’ roll looks like in fashion. From taking over the iconic CBGBs in the Bowery and still having musical icons grace the stage, to the chill persona many designers fail to maintain today, to creating collections allowing men to discover their personal style, but still look put together – John Varvatos has done something with menswear others seem to ignore.


This Fall/Winter collection brings a bit of English dapper and mixes it with urban swagger. (JV is one of the only people left, who can use “swagger” to describe anything he does, and get away with it. That should say a lot.) From leopard print jackets with leather sleeves, to slim velvet scarves tied in an overhand knot (or Ascot), to velvet lace-up boots, there’s a hybrid of designs and fashion that never seemed to work well together until now. Sort of like shellfish and cheese – only the most properly trained chef can create something that’s not only edible but noteworthy.

I’ve said my peace… I’ll let you be the judge.