PINK by Thomas Pink is a prime example of classic style – silhouettes that grazes a woman’s curvature, crisp, white buttondowns, and silk neck ties at the collar. Very similar to what you would see in an Agatha Christie novel or reminiscent to the stylings of Miss G from “Cracks” – a touch of lip stain, loose waves and enjoying a cigarette through a dinner holder.


This season, PINK plays up the masculinity in womenswear through slight details and designs, while still focusing on pieces women still feel comfortable wearing. Pair the Darcy shirt with the placket placed on the men’s side to the flounce and flow of the Alice skirt with its cummerbund waist accent. Or take your dress from day to night to weekend brunch to last minute date in PINKs Robyn dress. The Robyn dress has 5 optional ways to be worn, comes with a belt but can be worn with one of your own, for additional looks.

PINK, similar to their menswear collection, jumped into the off the radar Fall color pool, with vibrant blues, greens and yellows catching the eye, whilst staying true their design lineage.