Liliana. Let’s do a very quick briefing about the brand before heading straight into their Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. S.I.L.K. is the New York based subsidiary of a China based powerhouse specializing in weaving, textile production and dyeing. Its full range of women’s clothing is made up of mostly silk or silk blend items, with a Europe based sister company designer Michelle Lee

Only in its second season, S.I.L.K. has stayed in the normal muted colors of Fall/Winter while playing with burgundies, yellows, purples and florals. Something many only associate with Spring, S.I.L.K. has meshed spring patterns with autumnal colors effortlessly. Ultimately creating a collection that can be styled amongst itself or mixed with other closet pieces. With peplum short sleeve blouses to vegan leather pencil skirts, it’s befitting for the sophisticated woman in their mid-20s to mid-40s. Especially for the lady who likes to relax during happy hour after a long day’s work.

Currently available at select boutiques nationwide,