catinthehat4Everyone has an iPhone nowadays and the only way to make your phone pop is to accessorize it in a case that’ll make others take notice. Brush Cases, a hand painted collection of iPhone cases uses the beauty found in the worldly everyday things we love. Ranging from the artworks of Warhol to revolutionaries like Che Guevara to childhood icons like Dr. Seuss’s “The Cat in the Hat”, it’s a collaborative effort that everyone can find a case representative of their style.

Created by Anca Barbu, in the beginning of 2013, she strategically splash paints in layers for long-lasting quality while adding an abstract art look. Cases are available for iPhone 4s and 5 are waterproof. Starting at $45 for original pieces and $85 for custom cases, Brush Cases are available online. Anca has plans on expanding the collection to Galaxy cases and as well as designing custom orders for iPad cases and MacBook covers.



For me, Duracell was never apart of pop culture. It truly wasn’t. I mean it was always the battery of choice I purchased, but never did I think it would become the brand synonymous with Jay-Z. Yes… Beyonce’s husband.

Duracell Powermat 24 Hour System is quite ingenious. It’s one of the only battery charging devices that shuts off when your phone reaches 100%. Which is important as this can ultimately kill the battery. You know when you sit at your computer with the charger continuously plugged in? Yeah… you’re killing your battery.

The 24 Hour System come equipped with a powermat, sleek wireless case, and portable rechargeable battery for when your on the go and losing juice. And since not every likes the Plane Jane white and black options, the wireless case come in customizable hues.

Starting at $99, the Duracell Powermat 24 Hour System is available online and at select retailers.


pug-laptopThe Pug Lap Desk by LapDawg is the ultimate portable desk. Not only does it keep your lap cool, it keeps your computer fan cool as well. Everyone knows that having the computer on your lap closes the vents of your computer, disabling the ventilation which causes overheating. Overheating then causes you to spend hundreds of dollars to either fix or replace your device. Pug Lap Desk eliminates that, plus it comes has 3 differential height options for those who like to sit cross legged on the floor, lay on our bed while typing away or happen to be taller than 5’2″. Fitted with a felted mouse pad and cup holder, the Pug goes from portable desk to breakfast tray – perfect for bringing mum breakfast in bed.

Can a portable desk really get any more convenient, accessible or versatile? I Don’t. Think so. Available online at LapDawg, the Pug Lap Desk retails at $59.