cecilia1My biggest concern growing up was how my skin looked, among other superficial matters. I went through a very painful stage, also known as puberty, when my acne was out of control. Till today, I’m left with discoloration due to constantly picking at pimples thinking that’s how one remedied the situation. Today, I’m older yet not wiser on how to care for your skin.

A little over a month ago, I had a customized treatment done by Cecilia Wong. Cecilia is a holistic skin care specialist who lives by the words, “Visible Results, Healthier Skin, Naturally.” Knowing how delicate the skin is as well as how many chemicals in the products we swear by can do more harm than help, Cecilia thought it be best I start anew with a fresh palette. Because my skin needed balance from excess oil in my t-zone and dryness on the rest of my face, she created a treatment of cleansing and facial massages. After, she followed with intense hydration with her Ultrasonic Therapy and Vitamin C Serum.


Ok… this may seem like empty spa lingo, but it’s not. 1.) I never used moisturizer because I thought, “Why use anything when when your skin already gets oily?” That was my first misconception. When you don’t hydrate your skin, your face ultimately overcompensates as it’s thirsty, leaving you with an excess amount of shine that could have been prevented. 2.) Because my skin overcompensated, my dry areas were still neglected. Hence the need for intense hydration. 3.) New York City is a very, very dirty city in terms of molecular sized muck floating in the air. So it’s necessary to cleanse away all the nastiness at least twice a day. I, of course, wasn’t doing this. The grime was piling up and becoming trapped in my pores. Get it?!

Then Wong sealed the deal with an LED Light Therapy and an oxygen blast of her Black Current Serum.

At the end, my skin was glowing. Literally, glowing!  I left with a face moisturizer that I still use today, and I can vouch my skin isn’t what it used to be. It’s healthy, smooth and I haven’t had a breakout since. I’m not sure if it’s her magic fingers or the fact that her products are all natural, but Cecilia has created something very special.


Cecilia Wong Skincare collection is available online or at her spa in New York City. For further details on how to setup an appointment or on treatments, visit her site. All products from her line contain NO parabens, petrochemicals, alcohol, mineral oil, sulfates, synthetic emulsifiers, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, gluten, or soy.