For Spring/Summer 2016, GEORGINE redefines the conventional approach to how we dress – leathers in pastels, French laces sweatshirts, spandex evening wear. in c wanted to break traditional dressing protocols and defy the conventional approach of how people normally dress. Before her collection hit the runway we chatted with designer Georgine Ratelband about Spring/Summer 2016.

Tell me about this collection.
For this season I was interested in breaking the rules of obvious perception that we have in regards to clothing. So for example, why does a jean jacket need to be made out of denim? Why can’t I make an evening gown out of spandex? So for this season, I have these crazy evening gowns. But they are spandex and they’re reversible as well. I have tons of fur as well. Just amazing fabrics this season. We did a lot of embroidery, sequins, a lot of things.

I know that in the past, you like pieces that are multi purpose. Do you have pieces like that this year or this season?
The dresses. The spandex dresses I was telling you about, they’re reversible. So they’re different colors. So you can go to a party and you arrive wearing a blue dress with two yellow sleeves for example. Then you can go to the bathroom and turn it inside out and come out and it’s pink with a blue sleeve instead.

Was it difficult working with spandex in lieu of the other materials you worked with?
Spandex is more stretchy than other fabrics we used but it’s fine. We mastered it.

What trends are you looking for this season or are you more or less against the whole idea of trends?
I think the Georgine woman doesn’t really follow trends per say, but she is a trendy woman. But she has her own style. She looks great in a pencil skirt. She may wear that one day and another day she’s wearing baggy pants with a really cool top. She’s comfortable with whatever. But I think overall, the Georgine woman is very feminine and confident and she loves her clothing.

What piece on the runway would you say were your top three favorite piece?
I think look 21. Look 21 is purple leather shorts with this yellow chiffon blouse that has knots with neoprene but it looks like yellow Cheerios. It’s paired with an oversized coat actually from my pants fabric. It’s gorgeous. Then on the lapels, we have the Cheerios again and then actually underneath there is leather. I love it. I love the color combinations and the fabrics. I love that one. I love the green leather skirt that we did the laser cutting on the pockets. I guess probably the third one if I had to pick one. There is a hand embroidered … No, I guess probably the last look. Which is a gown, which is tan and it has sequins all over it. Very good.