Before the Public School’s Spring/Summer 2016 show, Lead Makeup Art for Maybelline New York, Grace Lee, gave us the low-low on PS NYFW makeup look for the show.

The Look: “We are talking about the Public School girl; she’s a little bit more grown up this season. She’s well-traveled, she’s inspired by big open spaces and really we wanted to mimic a bit of the clothing. There’s a lot of whites, and see-through fabrics, and cutouts.”

Skin: “I wanted to give the girls a bit of an edge without doing an obvious eyeliner or a lip. It was more just about making the skin look amazing. I told the team to make the skin look like it was actually singing down the runway. We used a new foundation called Fit Me! Dewy and Smooth. We used our fingers, pressing it into the skin just making them look amazing. We have a new powder that’s out called Master Fix and its putting it through the t-zone.”

Brows: “There’s a lot of exciting new products out this season so there’s also the Brow Drama Pro Palette. We’re giving the girls a really great groomed handsome brow but not overly done.”IMGP2197

Eyes: “What you’re seeing on the eyes is really about a defined lash-line, so is not a black eyeliner look per-say; it’s just getting that lash line defined. One coat of the new mascara,Falsies Push Up Drama, I’m literally saying one coat because I want it to be natural; this mascara is like volume in a bottle. It literally picks up the lashes and really coats it so I really stress just one coat.”

“Then getting the strong whites, it’s a new white pencil; it’s a gel white pencil. I needed it to be consistent for 20 people on my team. It was about creating three lines across the eye, but it isn’t about getting those three lines when the eye is closed, it’s more about how the girl looks when her eyes are open. You’re seeing flicks of white all over the eyelid. Then we put it on and take it off because I wanted the white to be see through. It’ll really reflect and go really nicely with the clothing this season because there is a lot of whites and there are a lot of … I just want to see white slashes.”

“We’re going to curl the eyelashes, we contoured the girls a tiny bit in the cheekbones with the new Master Contour that came out. Giving that contour gives the girls a little bit more of that older sophisticated feel. Who doesn’t love a good contour? I’m all about that.”

Lips: On the lip it’s a healthy baby lips on the lips.


ecreation tips: We use the pencil and then it’s about getting a lot of those Muji Q-tips on hand, cleaning in between the lines, getting it off. I’ve toned it down with my finger and then it’s about cleaning it up. Really working the process of making it look almost like the white has been worn in the skin a bit.