“The nomadic sensibility of the Public School Spring/Summer 2016 collection allowed for a beautiful yet resilient style. This is the girl everyone wants to be,”  said Allen Ruiz, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Hair Styling.

The Look: “We’re doing a Smooth Operator rope braid. It’s sort of inspired by Sade, so totally clean, pulled back, rope braid hanging down. This is sort of a woman who’s traveled. She’s looking sort of Bohemian-esque, and she’s, again just throws her hair up, and floats it around. She kind of plays around with it a bit. First were starting out a little bit smooth, and then we may transition into a little bit more texture. There’s also different girls here that have different hair textures, so you’re going to see some of these have loose, shaggy hair. Some of these have short hair. We’re sort of bringing out what’s the natural beauty of each person, so like look at them, then go, “You’ve got great texture. Let’s work with what you’ve got. You know, let’s do something, and show up the best you, you can be,” and then we’re doing something that’s going to be also a strong look. It’s a reflection of their collection, yeah.”IMGP2190

How to do: “What I did is I start out with the Pure Abundance [Style Prep]. This is really just to get grit, and to put on a matte finish. What I did is all the hair’s going to go up into a ponytail right here, and it’s going to go straight across, not diagonal, not too high, just straight across. And what I’m doing, she’s got quite a bit of hair, is I’m putting some texture in it so that as she pulls right in, pulls easy into the ponytail, and this will assure me that I’m getting the matte finish. I’ve gone and blow-dried this into the hair. I will go through and use the, take her to two sections. It will be one ponytail here, then I’ll grab everything else, and put the ponytail together. I’m going to grab a piece, wrap around the elastic, and then after I’ve wrapped it around the elastic, then we’ll start rope braiding all the way down, and when you’re rope braiding, I’ll show you some of the looks.”

“As we go through here, we have two sections of hair. You grab that piece from underneath, and wrap it around the ponytail, and we start the two sections, and we turn clockwise, and then as you’re turning clockwise, you’re going to go opposite direction of clockwise to get the rope braid. That’s it. That’s the look.”