55f44e7f36f7d1442074239_w760_h1142Rebecca Isa, Creative Director with Zoya told us how to nail Jill Stuart’s Spring/Summer 2016 mani that rocked the runway with her collection just yesterday. Now, we’re passing that prime information off to you. Because, who should have to wait six or more months to wear these looks anyway!?

Look: “Jill chose to do a classic, glossy finish Naked Manicure on the hands. We are doing it complete with a white freshen tip. Guys, don’t get scared, this is not a French manicure. This white is a sheer, you can see it’s very sheer. You see the brush right through it, but it has sulfur-active polymers in it. If somebody has a free edge that’s splitting or fraying, we can rebuild it. It allows us to fix that damage. Basically, what this system does, what the look does, is we perfect the nail plate, we fill in all the cracks, all the ridges, all the splitting, pitting. Everything that’s happening on the nail plate, we correct that first. Then, after we correct it, then we add the high gloss finish. The high gloss finish, it’s called Glossy Seal, and it’s three times as shiny as a traditional top coat. It also has a sulfur-active polymer, so it also created that mirror-like, glass-like surface. The nails literally look like they’ve just been dipped in water.”

What to do: “The important thing to remember is if you’re going to do that high-gloss finish, you have to perfect the nail first. If you have all that damage on the nail plate, and you put something really shiny on top, you just look like you have shiny, damages nails. Perfect the nail first, then do your high-shine finish. On the toes, we’re just doing Pink Perfector on its own, and that’s because she just wanted the toes to disappear. Just be very neutral, very pretty. The other key to the look today is the lavender. The Lavender Perfector will actually neutralize discoloration. If somebody’s nail plate is yellowed, and we have a lot of that around here because the models go from show to show, so they might have a red, or a brighter color on in a previous show. Then, they get a little staining. We can fix that. It works on the same principles that your hair colors would use, in terms of complimentary color to tone down brassiness. Same concept, but applied to the nails. Thin coat of the Lavender, neutralizes all the yellow. Then, the pink on top just to brighten the nail, the sheer white to fill in any free edge cracking and to really brighten that tip. Then, the super shiny finish. That’s a look at the show.”

 Shape: “Squoval. The same is basically square, but the edge is rounded. It’s a perfect hybrid, really compliments that natural line of the nail bed. Looks very wearable, workable. Works with everybody’s nail shape, everybody’s hand shape. This look is infinitely wearable.”