Alexa Rodulfo exclusive candle at Colette is not only unique and beautifully executed, it happens to smell good, too.

Whenever someone expresses an item or publication or anything for that matter is sold at Colette, you know it’s of great quality. In July of 2011, Alexa Rodulfo released Alexa BOIS DE COLETTE (literally translating to “Wood of Colette”), a limited edition partnership with the famous Parisian boutique on rue Saint-Honoré. The hints of cardamom, pepper and roots co-mingle with strong notes of cedar, musk and amber to create an inexplicable perfect balance was like finding the answer to a common candle mistake.

“Beauty and harmony merge together in BOIS DE COLETTE. It’s truly a beautiful scent for all year, brings a beautiful ambiance to the room creating a Zen space,” says Alexa of the candle.

Retailing at 35€ and sold exclusively through Colette, it’s a sensual fragrance worth every note. And with every piece of the candle being recyclable, even down to the box, Mother Nature will thank you time and time again.