Duro-+-JC-Penney-IDuro Olowu x JCPenney collaboration coming this spring. The one thing I love about fashion is once it passes, there’s another collaboration, designer, event, creation that is sneakily slinking behind us to take us by surprise. That is what this gem of a partnership between British based designer Duro Olowu and JC Penney is exactly doing! Spotted on First Lady Michelle Obama so many times one wouldn’t be dumbfounded to see a White House closet filled with anything but Duro Olowu.

With a knack for westernizing African design without losing its rich culture, Olowu embraces the same enthusiasm about this line as he does with his higher priced collection. “I am proud to partner with JCPenney to create and launch this new seasonal collection,” said Olowu. “Working with JCPenney has allowed me to merge my vision of style and quality with their affordability.”


Typically leaving a large dent in my wallet, this collection which includes stationary, dinnerware, and his highly sought after wearable staples will leave more than enough change for me to enjoy a night out on the town with the StyleCartel team. Starting at $10 and costing no more than $100, this is beautiful, fashion music to my ears, that’s for sure.

The only down side is it arrives in stores in March 2013.

Photos courtesy of InStyle.com