Let me introduce you to the next big thing – Omorovicza! You know when that one celebrity becomes the season’s “IT” Girl and everyone falls in love and sings her many praises leaving her two options of either sinking or swimming. Well, Omorovicza [pronounced, “om-more-oh-veet-za”] is the skin care equivalent and it has decided to swim.

Created in the same Nobel Prize winning dermatology lab that discovered Vitamin C, former U.S. Diplomat, Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza and husband Stephen, have cultivated the natural rejuvenating minerals of Hungary and packaged it for the world to benefit. Unknown to the everyday man, Hungary harbors innately high concentrated mineral rich waters as the earth’s crust is thinnest in Budapest, than anywhere else in the world. Bathing in the countries thermal pools are found to provide skin healing properties similar to Scandinavia’s geothermal pools, yet with more enriching properties.

For the past few weeks, I have been slathering my body with Omorovicza and want to shout how radiant my skin has become from the mountain tops (or in my case, from the top of The Empire State Building).  The Deep Cleansing Mask unearthed my black heads for easy removal,  the Copper Peel removed dry skin (after a few uses of course!) presenting a healthier, firmer layer, as my chapped, neglected lips returned to life with the Perfecting Lip Balm.

As winter weather has quickly arrived in the Big Apple, I wasn’t able to truly enjoy the sun kissed glisten of the Gold Shimmer Oil or the heat cooling properties of the Queen of Hungary Mist, but I’ll get plenty of use during my holiday vacation.

I’m not saying Omorovicza is the world’s greatest product as there are so many products to rave about, but there’s truly nothing like the secret of Omorovicza.