We’re all for spicing up life nowadays. From drastically chopping off our thick locks to upgrading the thread count in our sheets we’re always looking for some way to add a missing piece of the unknown to our occasionally hohum existence. No matter how big or small, every change makes a difference.  So we’ve compiled ways to shake things up whether it be at home, internally, or on the go.

HP04131. Did you know scents alter the way you feel or think? I don’t know how, but it does. Stores use a combination of scent and sound to put you into a spending mood. How about you take that same idea and bring it home with Paddywax? These hand-poured, soy wax blended candles lightly fragrance an area without that long linger of essence heavier candles leave behind. Available in dozens of scents like Balsam Fir or Peppermint Vanilla – there’s always a blend scentsational for every nose.pulling-oil2. Pulling cleans you from the inside out, literally. Pulling is an old practice where one takes a specific oil, swishes it in their mouth (typically for 20 minutes for pros), and spits it out. Why? Well the oil pulls the built up toxins that have dumped themselves in your salivary glands out. The benefits range from weight loss to increased energy, as well as fresher breath. Our go to oil is GuruNanda Pulling Oil that blends sesame oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and peppermint oil. A swish every day keeps the doctor! Maybe… I’m not a doctor.Shutterfly3. Shutterfly your Instagram! Some of the most beautiful memories are captured on Instagram, when they should really be living on your wall. Shutterfly can turn those photos into anything you can imagine. Wood arts, journals, coffee mugs, blankets, ornaments, but my favorite wall art. I actually have a few AbFab throwbacks hanging on my wall right now. Perfect for turning that poorly executed wall paint job into a museum wall of art. Turn those obscene amount of keys into a weight worth carry with pride. Transform that three walled cubical into a space that’s Absolutely Fabulous. No matter the image, Shutterfly has you covered.sumatra_sienna_24. Honestly, I hate throw pillows. I never understood why they existed. I mean, they aren’t large enough for you to rest your head on comfortably, and they’re too expensive to have your pets lay all over it. Yet, as much as I hate them, I can’t deny they spruce up everything around you. Your couch always looks so much more welcoming; your bed so much more grown up. Especially these Christy of England Sumatra Throw Pillows. Available in 4 color ways, their ombre effect on linen offers style versatility and a luxuriousness typically cheapened bysnaggable fabrics.

harveyprince_bodycream_hello_900x9005. Change up those products cluttering your bathroom. Tried and true may work for some, but switching things up brings the novelty back to anything in life. Some of our faves come fromHarvey Prince. I don’t know much about Harvey Prince, but it sounds English. Which in America is keyword for “fancy”. Anyway, the lotions smell delectable and leave your skin feeling brand new, the bar soaps make you question the testing behind those Dove campaigns, and Cheri Blossom anything will have you chuck all your go to scents.