On the fourth day of Christmas La Cartel gave to me, home fragrance that’s chic and edgy.

AMBRE-BOUQUET-GIFT-SETCan you believe we’re already on day 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway? So far we’ve given away means for a perfect pout, two goodie bags filled with accessories for the season, and yoga mats to keep you in shape! So today we’re focusing on home with Ebb & Flow NYC.

Ebb & Flow NYC is a new line of home fragrances and handmade soaps all created in the city. This collection is comprised of unique blends that focus on classic scents but mixed with the extraordinary, like Tobacco Black Cherry or Honeysuckle and Aloe. The Ebb & Flow NYC team spent years creating a concept that’s well executed from start to finish. Even their packaging of black gift boxes topped off with a paper flower bouquet is so exceptionally crafted it can be gifted immediately. No wrapping. No ribbon. No gift bag.

The collection starts at $18 for soaps, $32 for 45 hour burning soy wax candles, and $46 for their reed diffusers all available online.

StyleCartel Giveaway – Ok, there’s no reason you should still be able to smell last night’s dinner, especially since you’ve already thrown it out. Simply follow us on Instagram, and under the posted photo of Ebb & Flow tell us what your favorite scents are. Do you like the spiceness of curry? The intoxicating scent of gasoline? Or do you secretly love the fragrance of freshly cut grass? TELL US! You’ll automatically be entered to win a holiday gift set of soaps and a candles. You have until TOMORROW, December 5 at 9AM EDT to enter. Winners will be announced end of day Friday. Bonne Chance!