On the 5th day of Christmas, La Cartel gave to me…..

It’s the first Friday of December which means it’s the official start to holiday parties galore.  And what’s the one thing that ruins holiday parties besides running out of liquor? No music! So to ensure you never ruin another party, ever again, we’re giving you the 411 on SOL REPUBLIC. SOL REPUBLIC came onto our radar sometime last year after being gifted a pair at an event. I was already using another pair for my iPod, but immediately switched due to sheer sound quality. Over the months my earbud cushions had either fall off or gotten lost and our now replaced with a non-matching pair, but I still use the same headphone though many more have come across my desk.SOL-REPUBLIC_Punk_-FAMILY

Now, over a year later, SOL REPUBLIC has expanded to offer more on the go sound equipment to keep every moment hype with their Punk Wireless Speaker. Make summer barbecues into impromptu dance parties, or set the mood during a romantic dinner at home. It’s compact, travel safe, and works wherever Bluetooth is available!

StyleCartel Giveaway – Want a pair of Relays 3-button headphone and speaker set of your own? Simply follow us on Instagram and tell us what  three songs or artists will always be on your party playlist. You have until tomorrow, December 6th to enter! Winners will be chosen and announced Monday, December 8th (because we’re taking the weekend off!) Bonne chance!