Last month, Evan Jonigkeit was on Broadway opposite Mary-Louise Parker. This summer he’ll be on the big screen in “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” Soon to be more than just another actor, this breakout star dishes on what’s next, his style and working with girlfriend, Zosia Mamet.

You’ve been coined a “name and face” to watch. How does that feel to start getting recognition for your art? 
Honestly, it feels amazing to be recognized for what I do but, more importantly than recognition I get to do what I love, tell stories. It is a great gift.

Now, you can’t tell us much about X-Men, but what can you tell us? We want the deets. 
It’s thrilling to be a part of such an incredible series and X-Men: Days of Future Past is the ultimate X-Men film. I play Toad, who is a mutant and my look for the part was totally transformed-  I would be in make-up for hours prior to shooting. It has definitely been one of my favorite experiences and I can’t wait to see the final film in May!

What’s your fashion style? What are your go-to brands that never disappoint? 
I’d say pretty relaxed, but I typically dress for the occasion. If I’m just roaming around Brooklyn or going from audition to audition, I like to wear J-crew jeans (I have wide thighs and they fit the best) and a simple shirt, but if I have an event I look for tailored clothes that are classic with a bit of a modern twist. Right now, I love Carven, All Saints, and I always love a good Armani suit.

You and Zosia have worked together on stage before in the play Really, Really…What was it like to work together for a TV show on GIRLS? 
It’s interesting because when we did Really, Really we could gauge the audience’s reaction, but with the show GIRLS, we filmed it months ago and are really just hearing people’s reaction now.

Fashion Week is here… looking forward to any shows or events? 
This Fashion Week, I’m pretty focused on my work and auditioning, but if I had time to stop by a show, I would love to see Armani or the All Saints presentation or go to Rebecca Minkoff’s with Zosia.

What’s next in your career? Any collaborations in the works? Any projects we should watch for this year? 
I have a couple things in the mix for the coming year, but I don’t want to jinx it, so I’m going to stay mum for now.