A side swept chignon is always a winner when you want to look effortlessly glamorous. It is relatively easy to style your hair like this, so it is therefore one of the best styles you can choose if you are short on time or going out to a party straight from work.

Products needed:

MH_Colour_master range

Step-by-step Instructions:

  • Preparation is key to getting this look right. Use Mark Hill Big Night Out! Shampoo and Conditioner to get your hair ready to style. Next, start the look by applying Mark Hill Love Big Hair Viva La Volume Volumising Blow Dry Mousse throughout towel dried hair and then drying using a round brush, pointing your dryer down each section of hair and angling it in the opposite direction to which it will eventually fall.  Make sure you get as much volume as possible around the crown area, as this gives the final style height.
  • When all of your hair is dry, put some large Velcro rollers in the crown area, and use a bit of to keep your hair in-tact. Leave for a few minutes and then remove the rollers. Comb through with your fingers and then leave. Try not to do anymore with your hair until you are ready to put in the chignon.
  • When you are ready to style, use your fingers, never a brush or comb, and create a soft parting one side and take your hair back into a loose pony tail just behind one ear. Secure with a covered band.
  • Split the pony tail in half and twist one half around until it loops back on itself, and secure it with hairpins or grips – one or two should be enough. With the other half of the ponytail, take smaller sections and coil them around the chignon to cover the hairband and to add texture and movement – use fine pins and grips to hold in place. Don’t worry about keeping it too neat – allowing short layers and loose ends to stick out of the chignon to keeps the overall feel soft and feminine. If you prefer, you can leave some tendrils to frame your face.
  • Finish the look with a quick spritz of Mark Hill Gorgeous! Fabulous Finish Hairspray to hold your hair exactly where you want it.