Last season was my first time doing London Fashion Week, and my first time returning since I was roughly 7. Navigating the city isn’t the same, shopping is very much different, and shuttling from one village to another with only a map, felt like finding a needle in a haystack. But my half-day break at The Marylebone Hotel was like a massage and foot rub after a marathon.left-to-right-British-Charcuterie-Parmesan-fried-free-range-chicken1

Let’s clarify, I didn’t stay in the hotel as family lived close by. I visited their in-house restaurant108 Marylebone Lane and enjoyed a detox wrap at their spa (we’ll cover that later). On this occasion, I brought a high school friend along as she’s hard to please and well, I’m not. She was feeling a bit faint upon arrival and it progressed as the evening went on. The staff was more than warm and accommodating to her as they brought her tea to soothe her, and offered her a place to lay her head until she was ready to continue her evening. It was true test of certain things I expect from establishments in large cities – quality of food, atmosphere, but most importantly quality of service. With flying colors, 108 Marylebone Lane passed.

Not sure what to wear, I stuck with my fashion week ensemble of tribal print boots and a black maxi skirt. Upon entry your hit with dim lighting fit for a romantic evening or gab session with girlfriends. During the day, based on all the amount of window plated walls, it seemed to be the perfect spot for brunch with natural light shining through.


The restaurant was bumping with jovial conversation from the family on the other side of the room as the waiter brought us our many dishes. From the British Charcuterie of wild boar salami, air dried venison salami, cornichons and a remoulade to the Fish and Chips with pea puree and tartar sauce, you’ll want to eat every morsel. My favorite plate was the Truffle Mac and Cheese. Garnished with truffles on top, this is definitely a more delicate, palate pleasing take on your basic mac and cheese.

Residing in the in Marylebone Village, just moments away from the Bond Street and Oxford Circus stop, 108 Marylebone Lane offers a culinary take on local dishes, using local ingredients. So you guests can ensure their dishes are prepared fresh with agriculture you can trust.