Hey Y’all! It’s nearing the end of my ambassadorship and it’s bittersweet. I mean I love getting to try out workout wear and reporting back to you guys, BUT nothing is more stressful than having to deal with anything other than fashion month, during fashion month….Ain’t nobody got time for that!

This package, was most definitely summer appropriate. Inside was: Da Bomb Burnout V-Neck, Loose Bubble Racerback in black and white, Outta The Park Baseball Tee, Back Me Up Reversible Bra, Draped Jersey Pant, So Bootyful Capris, and Running Short. Two of those items you may remember from a previous post, so check it here to see whether they were a yay or nay! As for the newbies, get ready for some serious criticsm. I’m joking. I enjoyed every piece this time around. Some less than others, but it was an overall yay!

My loves –
The Loose Bubble Racerbacks were amazing! I don’t like anything racerback because I have to wear a supportive bra, all the time. And nothing looks more unattractive than a racerback with 2 inch straps on both ends, unless you’re wearing workout clothes. In that case, you can pull it off. And for those who don’t know me, I live in workout clothes. If you see a girl in yoga leggings, a flowy cardigan and blue/pink NBs, it’s probably me!

Da Bomb Burnout V-neck is da bomb! I mainly like it because it was so lightweight and breathable. It was tremendously see through, so let’s stick to our nude and black undergarments when wearing it, ladies. I don’t know the material, but it was smooth against my skin and the pattern, or design, is really cute. I hope they create a long sleeve version of this exact top.

My OKs –
The Draped Jersey Pant and Running Short were comfy, easy to breath in, soft to the touch, but did not complement my thighs. I know some people get upset when people call out their body issues, but know this. There’s a difference between knowing what your body looks like and dressing to accentuate your assets, and focusing on your flaws through constant self-deprecation. Shorts rub up my thighs and wind up looking like they were eaten by my hooha, and somehow it’s the same for harem style pants. The styles are very on trend, but it’s not on trend for every body shape.

And lastly, Outta The Park Baseball Tee.  Give me a baseball tee and I’ll wear every day of my life; along with my yoga pants and blue/pink NBs. Do any sort of cut-out, and we’re going to have to talk. I would have loved to see this look either all arms, or even in a boat neck to show off my shoulders (which are gorgeous by the way). The cutouts on the other hand left a not so stylish taste in my mouth, with the finished product seeming like it was a bit too much.