This Sexy Saturday has a Curvy Styles component. Le Mystère, a brand founded in 1991 and Oprah approved, so you know it’s the real deal, has been revolutionizing the way we wear intimate apparel for over 20 years. First of all, they cater to women from 32A to 44H, offer everything from soft microfibers to memory foam cups to padded straps. Plus they come in a variety of beautiful, enchanting colors like Monaco Blue, which you’ll want to display to the world.

My collection included the Perfect Pair Brief, Lace Tisha Bra, Energie Sport, Sleek Seduction Bra, and the Smooth Perfection Modern Brief. I won’t give you a play by play as to what I loved and hated (I actually didn’t hate anything), because it would be too long. But I will say a few things about my favorite pieces – the Perfect Pair Brief and Sleek Seduction Bra.Le-Mystere-Collection

Nothing is as comfortable or flattering as undergarments that properly fit, hold shape, and hold you! Perfect Pair Brief gave no VPLs, had a stretch lace that prevent digging in, and gave an overall seamless look. While the Sleek Seduction Bra was my go-to for weeks. And I know the rules on not wearing bras for extended periods of time, but I had to wear this bra a couple of times a week. It was secure, lifting, and made me feel like I was carrying nothing on my chest. It was a godsend I tell you!

One thing I’ll tell you before we end this, is this. Get. FITTED. I was wearing the wrong bra for years because I thought what Victoria’s Secret told me was true. My breasts are not a D or DD, and just because they want to sell you something at amazing sale prices, don’t do it. Le Mystère offers instructions on how to get fitted at home, as well as telephone and in-store fitting options.  Seriously, your life will change with when you where the proper bra. It’ll change even more so with Le Mystère