Salut mes amies! This Fashionably Fit is about our second Zumba apparel shipment, which included the
New on the Scene Capri,” “Aztec Tunic Tank,” and “V-Bra.” The tank and bra are part of Zumba® apparel’s newest “Tribal” launch. Inspired by the international beats that move us, the collection showcases summer’s tribal trend which appears in silhouettes that take you from the studio to the street. Key pieces include leggings, bra-tops, harem pants, tanks and crop tops with bold, graphic prints and gold foil details, providing an exotic edge.

There were no complaints with this set except one – the “V-Bra”. Sizing was perfect. It gave my bust an added lift, but it’s not something I’d feel secure enough to take any sort of aerobic class in. Though the medium to high impact support was missing, the soft material and lack of sleevage made for ideal low impact movements.

The “New on the Scene Capri” was my favorite item because of the “V” front waist band. Its higher waist offers more coverage for the front and back, and gives the illusion of slimmer obliques. For shorter ladies out there, know that that the capris will look more like ankle leggings on you. Check me out doing a lunge here in my capris for length reference.

And lastly the “Aztec Tunic Tank.” I didn’t like the small nipping in front. I’ve never been a fan of designs like that, on any silhouette, so would have preferred it be a basic tunic tank. The gold detailing on back is very vibrant so pairs well with the strong black. I only mention this because many brands try to pull off an ashy, almost dark grey seen only from several washings, as black – and it’s not. I’ve noticed Zumba is really on key with the proper tones of the colors provided.