The first weekend of Coachella is a little over a week away. Which means festival season will have officially begun. And because we know you haven’t started packing, we’re here to make things easy for you, as per ushe – with some help from Kohl’s, no doubt.  (Sidenote: for those who don’t live near a Kohl’s, don’t worry, neither do I. I order everything online, and it always arrives with lots of time to spare.) Back to the main point. Here’s our list of “What to Pack | Coachella”.

  1. Bucket bags – you’ll be seeing this look all over the grounds. From boho chic to simple and sleek, there will be more bucket bags than you’ll ever see. But don’t opt out of it because you think everyone will have it. This is probably the smartest bag to carry. It fits almost everything, is easy to lug around, plus the top closure is a much need security feature. Mudd Lexi Striped Bucket Bag – $64
  2. Be conscious of what you put in your body – it’s great eating utter crap that weekend, but by the first day it will definitely catch up with you. No one is fun when they are sluggish and crabby, so let’s limit the junk food intake and replace one of those moments with a cold pressed beverage. Its filling and de-lish! BluePrintGreen – $65 for a six pack
  3. Stay hydrated – California heat is no joke. Dehydration is much easier to come about when you have the sun beating down on you. Water isn’t cheap, so take a bottle that you can fill-up throughout the day. A quick reminder, bottles brought in can NOT be metallic, so keep it transparent. ZeroWater Filtration Tumbler – $30.99
  4. Shade those baby blues and that tawny skin – Many of you will be baking, sans sunscreen (tsk, tsk), while others prefer to get an au natural glow. Know this, a hat and sunglasses will do wonders for your eyes and skin. Hats will keep you cooler and sunnies will protect your eyes from sunburn (it happens!). Apt. 9 Packable Rancher Hat – $38; Bronson by Made Eyewear – $124
  5. PRO-TEC-TION – and I’m not talking about that kind. But you should use that kind if you plan on doing that. HAHA! Seriously though, as much as you are there for the music and celebs, stay cognizant of what you need when nowhere near a store. For instance, my skin overheats quickly, my eyes get dry with glasses or contacts, and my skin burns. I know many of you have similar issues, so be prepared. P.S. don’t feel obligated to share unless you and your pals split responsibilities. Exuviance Sheer Daily Protector SPF 50 – $42; VICHY Thermal Spa Water 50G – $9.50; Crystal Clear Redness Reliever Eye Drops – $5.80
  6. Blanket-ish – Blankets are not permitted, BUT lightweight throws that can be folded to be a poncho is A-Ok. During the day, sit on your “poncho” and in the evenings when it’s cold, throw that “poncho” back over your shoulders and stay warm. Be resourceful and gain style points all at the same time! Printed Quilted Reversible Throw – $109.99
  7. Just a few accessories – At night when your hair is bothering you and those platform wedges have your feet throbbing, make sure you’re not bare footing it. Bring ponytail holders, head wraps, and flippy-floppies. They can be stuffed anywhere, and are so lightweight you won’t even notice the extra ounces. Carole Multicolor Chiffon Love Knot Head Wrap – $12;HAVAIANAS Flat – $18 – $22
  8. Keep it all together – anything can happen when you have your personals in different areas. Sacrifice the wallet, Hello Kitty case, and heavy bunch of keys for a few days. Opt for a wristlet case that fits your cards, phone, tickets, and whatever small items you’d go ballistic if lost. Like the single key to the car you drove to get there. Apt. 9 Touch N Go Universal Cell Phone Wristlet Case – $30
  9. Cash Money – You’ll need it. Of course you’ll have some in your wallet, but always keep some on your person. Whenever I went to bars in college, I’d stick my dorm key card and cash in my bra for safe keeping. Women with smaller breasts may have a harder issue, but women with larger breasts, like me, will not have a problem. Boobs – free

You don’t have to follow everything we have in our bag. This is just a rough outline of things you should probably have those weekends. I know many of you will think it’s like the original Woodstock and be carefree and hippie-dippie, but know this. Coachella is NOT the original Woodstock. Security precautions have been heightened an exponential amount since then, so be smart about how you use the limited amount of space you have in your handbag. One great option is to go in a group and split who brings what. That way you can enter with more things, even when divvied up.