Rounds, the first app to bring live group video chat to mobile devices announces is now available on Android. ::crowd goes wild:: That’s right Android lovers, you can now enjoy Rounds like those other iPhone users.

Wait, you don’t know what Rounds really is? Let me break it down for you. Rounds is a mobile application that allows you to group video chat in HD. This may seem like nonsense at first, but Rounds CMO Natasha Shine gave me a firsthand demo of its capabilities and what live video chatting is actually like. For instance, you and your closest gal pals watch Scandal religiously every Thursday, without fail. Overtime, life happens and getting together just isn’t as easy as it used to be. With Rounds, you can all watch together while being miles away. Or how about wedding dress shopping? Your maid of honor and mum won’t be around until a week before the wedding and their input means more than anyone else’s. You can have them with you at every appointment from start to finish. Hear their concerns and see the tears stream down their faces when you find the one.Rounds-cross-platform-1

And let me clarify, you CAN’T do this with Facetime because not everyone has an iPhone. Rounds is cross platform, so your friends, colleagues, or whomever can all chat together from wherever they are in the world. You can play live games, draw funny photos on each other’s faces, and so much more. And because it uses a special invite code that bypasses other social networks, you can invite anyone from your contact list, email, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, etc and create groups with unlimited amounts of people. JUST KNOW that the first 12 people who answer your “ping” will be able to participate. Could you imagine if all the owners fromTIDAL sent out a special code and the first few who joined the call were able to chat with the likes of Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Christ Martin, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Calvin Harris, or MADONNA?! Dear God, that call would be epic!

“It has been incredibly rewarding to see our rapidly growing community gain momentum in the past six months. With cross platform compatibility between iOS and Android, we are excited to be setting a new standard when it comes to how people communicate,” says Dany Fishel, Founder and CEO of Rounds.

Learn more about Rounds by visiting them online, or skip that all together and just download it in the App Store or in Google Play.