Before we get into Bari and all its greatness, I just want to say, if Bari was an album it would beThis Is… Icona Pop. It’s that mix of pop and electro house that motivates you to jump up and down, even when you get feel your limbs. It takes you from a place of no energy to full throttle in mere seconds. It’s that indescribable feeling that,”Yeah. I can kick ass and I will take names!” You feel me?

Also, my month is nearing a close so that makes me very, very sad. ::puts hand in front of camera lens and looks away:: I don’t want to talk about it.

Did you know that Bari not only whoops that ass into shape, but it offers nutritional, organic food options in-house?

Say what?!

That’s right, girl! Bari Food Society launched in 2012 with BariPOPS, their whole foods popsicles, which from my research seems to be a must have summer treat. Two years later they’ve expanded their menu with grab-and-go foods and juices that fill you up, in a nutritional way, post-workout.

This collaborative effort between renowned chefs, nutritionists and Bari ensures that all arenas of the health conscious spectrum are covered. For instance, you just had a 6AM workout with Jenny. You only have time to shower and get ready for work, after your 20 minute subway ride home. Well, thanks to Bari Food Society, you can grab banana pancakes and a green drink. Just to clarify, banana pancakes and green drink aren’t the exact names of the items, but once you see the fridge, you’ll be like,”Oh… that’s what Tillie was talking about.”

Some of their most popular foods include Massaged Kale Salad, Overnight Oats, BariKIA and Japanese Quinoa. Which all sounds hoity toity, but if you’re already living that healthy/vegan/organic lifestyle, you’re already on that level. So don’t throw stones from that glass house you hide behind!

Make sure to visit the food section of their blog for tips, food facts and Meatless Monday recipes.