You’re DD for the weekend, not only because it’s your car but because you’ve been bumming rides for way to long. Unfortunately, it’s also the weekend your crew decides to hit up every festival in Manhattan and Brooklyn which means parking is going to be nothing short of a pain. Well lucky for you, Valet Anywhere officially launched their expansion into Brooklyn and monthly parking service program! ::the crowd goes wild::

Valet Anywhere is the latest in applications for you smartphone and unlike the other nonsense you’ve added to your phone over the past weeks, you’ll actually use it. (That’s my way of telling you to start deleting those unused add-ons now. No one needs 5 pages of applications – that’s a bit much!) Anyway, this on-demand parking service allows car owners to request a valet through their mobile phone, but now, for those habitual city drivers (yes, they do exist), Valet Anywhere has launched Valet Long Term. Basically it’s the normal Valet Anywhere but with cool perks. Like secure in-garage storage with 10 in-and-out drop-offs, or free New York State car inspection, fuel top ups, and car washings. Say what?! Plus for you all you NYC dwellers in Park Slope and Downtown Brooklyn this is the option you’ve been waiting for all your life – or the last two years you’ve been living there.VAL_0241-01

“We built Valet Anywhere to save people time and free them from the hassle of parking. With our new Long Term monthly service for Manhattan and Brooklyn residents, our commitment to helping drivers thrive within urban cities couldn’t be stronger,” says Robert Kao, CEO and Co-Founder of Valet Anywhere.

Valet Anywhere is currently available for download in the Apple store and Google Play.