ANGEL-NEW-STAR-EDP-75ML-NO-STRIP-LR-WBMy first experience with Thierry Mugler was in elementary school, a few years after the launch of ANGEL when Mummy would take us to Saks afterschool. I was never one for sitting in one place, but the perfume and makeup departments were my favorite areas so much that the associates only had to offer me samples of the latest to keep me still until she was finished shopping. Out of all the samples I would take home, my favorite was always ANGEL. I even vowed that when I grew up, I’d only wear ANGEL and nothing else. Obviously I broke that vow, but that light blue packaging and poster of Jerry Hall still comes to mind every time I think of this scent. 

Now, over 20 years later, Thierry Mugler introduces ANGEL The New Star. Following the tradition of the ANGEL designs, the new look is “a jewel of innovation and expertise.” This 3-D masterpiece captures light from its countless facets, creating unique effects.

“At Mugler, we don’t talk in terms of bottle design; we work around the idea of an object that tells a story. Above all, a Mugler bottle is imagined and designed like a sculpture. We wanted a star that would pay tribute to the celestial dimension of Angel, one that would free itself from the laws of gravity. This star belongs in the sky; this is why it has not been designed with a specific ‘bottom’. It can be placed on any of its facets.

In couture, as in perfume, Thierry Mugler has always worked with multiple visions of women, always with flattering and positive profiles. These visions also inspired us in our work to create a new star. We can say that the numerous facets of this star are like the reflections and many facets of the feminine persona.”

-Virginie Delpeuc’h & Stéphane Calvi, Artistic Directors, Thierry Mugler

(Designers of “The New Star”)

And don’t worry all you eco-friendly fragrance collectors, “The New Star” can be refilled, like the others with ANGEL Eau de Parfum at the Parfums Mugler Source or using the line’s Eco-Source refill. “The New Star” premiered at Saks Fifth Avenue and February 2015 and will be available at other fine department stores beginning March 2015.