Very few holidays were enjoyable for me growing up. Valentine’s being my least favorite. It was that overly mushy made up day of love, that was so cliché and red, that it made me sick to my stomach. Now that I’m older and a little wiser, every day is Valentine’s Day to me. But since we have a dedicate day to really show our loved ones how much they mean to us through romantic pressies, candy and kisses, we at StyleCartel wanted to make your shopping a little easier with cool, out of the box, gift ideas.The-Mother-CompanyFor the families that want to instill a sense of awareness early –
The Mother Company is always churning out cool books that allow little kids to learn, understand and react like The Feelings Show DVD and Sid Snail Set. Last week, I gave a set to a family friend with 2-year-old. He asks Mom to read it several times a day and can repeat the story, and moral on his own. Which is the point of educational booklets and videos we give kids… something that makes them think and feel. Shave-Set-Box-and-contentsFor the man with the beard you want gone –
Van der Hagen Luxury Shave Set comes with all the grooming necessities for a top of the line, at home shave. A 100% pure badger brush to lather the hypoallergenic soap. An old timey monogrammed apothecary mug for your soap. And a state of the art brush/razor stand so it air dries, ensuring no mildew or gross water based bacteria growth. Pop-Out-ClothingFor the Jackson Therons and Zuma Rossdales in your home –
What kids are wearing is just as important and idolized as what their adult counterparts. Crazy? Possibly. But when you see 9-year-old girl sporting Buster Browns and a mini mink, you can’t help but stop, stare and applaud. She looks cute and you know it. POP Out Clothingknows that playground attire has changed over the years, and to keep up with the times they created pop out shape vests in a variety of colors and style. Let SueAnn spice up that outdated jean skirt with a heart or have Mikey add some edge to those black skinnies with skulls & cross bones. NespressoFor the person who cares only for the little gestures in life –
So this one isn’t actually an item, but it is. Nespresso, a world leader in all things coffee, offers recipes for every occasion. So why not make this holiday extra special with a cappuccino that shows how much you care. Surprise them with a Sweetheart Cappuccino that keeps them warm in this cold weather or cool ‘em down, if you’re lucky to be in a warmer region, with aGingerbread Viennois. Sprinkle on top red dyed coco sprinkles for a touch they’ll remember for years to come. Or just buy them a Nespresso so they can make it themself. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts… right? MakeupFor the lady who wears make everywhere, including the gym –
There are few things in this batch we love. Like the Too Faced Candy Bar Palette & Phone Casethat includes enough makeup for countless looks and converts to an iPhone 5 case after. Or the PHILOSOPHY LoveSwept shower gel that cleanses skin and conditions and softens your hair. Or my favorite, the Ulta Double Duty Lipstain and Balm. Opt for ‘Romance’ hue to stick with the holiday theme, or choose one that’s perfect for your luscious lips. ITSugarFor the person who finds a new cavity after every dental visit –
The most purchased gift after roses and before teddy bears is candy. Overflowing with novelty trinkets and oversized sweets, everyone can get their sugar fix at IT’Sugar. Founded by original partner of Dylan’s Candy Bar, you could find a gift for every one on your Valentine’s list. Sugar-free, Marilyn lover, TED-dy bear obsessed or just your Plain Jane chocolate, your sweet tooth will thank you. DogearedFor the lady who thinks Valentine’s Day is the universal code for “JEWELRY!!!!!” –
Dogeared jewelry’s “Love Collection” consists of dainty bracelets, earrings and rings that are made for stacking with your favorite statement pieces. Wear everyday as your go to accessory or make people as where it’s from with pieces that are unique in style. Open hearts, Cupid’s arrow or the ever popular signature “xo”. Just make sure you’re given more than one. I mean, isn’t that how jewelry is supposed to be gifted anyway? DODOCase-ValentinesFor the person who would have a harder time letting go of their iPad than their leg –
Just in time for V-Day, DODOcase brings back their oh-so cute, Vintage Love for iPad. Ornate designs of red fabric or gold foil reminiscent of first edition books, limited edition styles are available for the iPad Air, iPad mini and the iPad 2/3/4 for monogramming or not. A great way to remind yourself “All You Need Is Love” or “Love is All Around” every day of the year – or until you upgrade your device, and the case no longer fits – DODOcase has you covered. HAHA… no pun intend.Alex-and-Ani-CandlesFor the person whose home always smells like sweetness (or rank) –
There’s no faster way to kill a setting than with a lingering stench of sweaty gym socks or open cased cheese. Alex and Ani’s candles would rid your home of the smell you should probably have checked out, but it will mask enough to enjoy valentine’s dinner of Beef Bourgogne, Salade Niçoise and Molten Chocolate cake. Made of an eco-friendly soy wax, each candle is mixed with aromas to ignite certain emotions.

And as out Valentine’s Day treat for being such loyal readers, one (1) lucky winner will take away this entire lot. Spread the joy with those you love or hoard these goodies to yourself. We’ll post it on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Just re-pin, like or re-tweet to be entered. You have until Friday, February 14th 9PM EST to enter.