Almost every year, I purchase a new computer. Not because I enjoy shelling out nearly $1000 for the latest and greatest, but because they don’t live up to expectations. The hard drives slips out of place. The screen cracks. The computer is roughed around in the overhead cabin. All things that make it difficult to stick with Windows. Why I stay? I’m loyal to Windows and believe they can and do operate just as well as Apple.  That’s why, I’m unashamedly, falling in love with Toshiba since their Toshiba Field Test launch.Toshiba-Field-Test

Toshiba Field Test is a demonstration of the most extreme conditions a device can be susceptible to and withstand. It’s a way of showing how reliable their products are in comparison to competitors. Each Field Test takes one standard product and tests it through one or several steps to see how they perform after “destruction”. From freezing the Encore tablet in a block of ice, to testing the boot-up speed of the SSD with a paintball duel, there’s no way any device can survive the tests. But Toshiba does.

Starring Jamie Hoggson and Matt Lusk, both improve actors, this duo takes humor and field testing to a whole new level.